Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sexual Assault Awareness Workshop

In order to educate the public, prevent sexual violence, and inform victims of sexual assault, of any form, the Provo Police Department, along with Intermountain Health Care, The Utah Prosecution Council, and The Women and Children in Crisis is hosting a free sexual assault awareness workshop.

This workshop is intended for anyone who has been a victim and needs questions answered, anyone who has concerns for someone they know who may have been a victim, or anyone in the community who would like more information about reporting (or the options when not wanting to report) sexual violence.  This workshop will cover how to report, the investigation process, forensic exams, safety tips and prevention, and what resources are available.

The workshop will be held at the new Provo Recreation Center, 320 west 500 north, on November 2, 2013 from 2:00pm until 4:00pm.  Registration will begin at 1:00pm.  For more information or to RSVP contact the Provo police Department at 801-852-6375 or   A flyer for the workshop can be found on the Provo Police Facebook page.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Jewelry Courier Robbed at Knife Point

Yesterday at 2:20 pm, Provo Police Officers responded to the Provo Towne Centre Mall on a Robbery. A jewelry courier had just left a jewelry store in the mall when three men in a minivan pulled up to him. One of the suspects pulled out a knife and demanded jewelry from the courier. Before fleeing the scene, the suspect cut the tires of the vehicle the victim was standing by. We assume the suspect believed it was the victim’s car.

The suspects were all wearing black hoodies with red cloths over their faces. We believe they were driving a 2004-2007 Grey Honda Odyssey.

Anyone with information on this case should call Detective Payne, at the Provo Police Department, 801-852-7280.

Friday, September 20, 2013

31-Year-Old Lures A 14-Year-Old Over Facebook

On September 11, 2013, detectives from the Provo Police Department’s Sex Crimes Unit arrested Juan Antonio Gonzalez for Rape, Unlawful Sex act W/minor, and Unlawful Possession of another’s identification.

On August 20, 2013, a 14-year-old female advised Provo City detectives that she was allegedly raped by 31-year-old Juan Gonzalez of Provo.

She stated that the relationship started on facebook back in January. The female victim told police that Juan requested a meeting with her. According to our investigation, they met twice. During these meetings, Juan allegedly raped and had unlawful sex acts with the minor.

Under an alias, Provo Police detectives were able to set up a meeting with Juan at a Provo City location. When Officers made contact with Juan he handed them another persons identification. Juan was then booked into the Utah County Jail for the above charges.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Scam Alert


Provo Police received at least four calls today from people reporting that they were contacted by someone purporting to be from Provo City Customer Services, demanding payment on an ‘overdue’ utility bill. They were told that a field technician was in route to disconnect their services.  The victims were instructed to go to 7-11 and send payment via Western Union. 

Please be aware there are always new scams, tricks and ‘urgent demands’ for payment being used as a way to garner money from unsuspecting members of our community. Never be afraid to ask questions, challenge, verify, or even hang up on callers who ask for payments. You can always call back the company in question!

Provo City Customer Service operators will always verify personal information for both incoming and outgoing phone inquiries.  You may also ask to return the phone call to verify you are speaking with the actual business.  Provo City does not ask for payment via Western Union or direct customers to any other location except Provo City to pay their bill.

If you have been a victim of this scam, please call Provo Police Dispatch at 801-852-6210.  Thank you!

Friday, August 30, 2013




Here is a new scam we need to be watching out for. Last week three separate individuals came into the Provo Police Department to report that they had been scammed $800.00 by an individual selling gift cards. This is how the scam worked.

Our suspect placed multiple KSL classified ads for $1000.00 gift cards. She listed her name as “Katherine”. Here are two ads she placed:

I have a gift card that can be used anywhere. I’d like to sell it as soon as possible. Serious buyers only. Please don’t ask me to send it to your long lost cousin in Africa.”

My finance and I are looking for a smart TV and I figured a trade would be cheaper than buying one in the store where we could have to pay more out of pocket. I’m open to offers. I’m also looking for a new phone. Text me with questions. “The gift card can be verified of course

The Suspect would meet the individuals and hand them a printed gift card that supposedly had $1000.00 on it with the access code. Buyers with internet access looked up and entered the access code. Giftrocket, which is a legitimate company, then sent the victims an email that stated, “Money is being transferred”.

The victims then paid the suspect $800.00 cash without verifying with their bank that the $1000.00 had actually been transferred by giftrocket. 


We do have a suspect in this case, so please call your local police department if you believe you have been victimized by this suspect.  We can get our information to them. 

The suspect in this case stole multiple credit cards from customers that came into her work. The suspect would record credit card numbers from customers calling into her work. She would then write down the security code number on the credit card when the customers would pick up their food.

Our suspect used these credit cards to order 66 gift cards from she was able to print the gift cards without the money ever being transferred. The credit card companies never transferred the money to these accounts due to internal fraud alerts. We can confirm that she bought cards starting August 9, 2013.

Lt. Mathew Siufanua

Cell 801-360-0960

Office 801-852-7271


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Maeser vs Provo Police Softball Game

On Saturday, August 24th, Maeser neighborhood challenged the Provo Police Department to a game of softball.   Neighborhood chair Melany Densley, organized the game along with Lt. Ferguson from the Provo Police Department.  The Maeser residents wanted to get to know the officers, who were asked to introduce themselves before the game, and show appreciation for reduced crime in their area.  The Maeser neighborhood has seen a reduced crime rate over the last 8 to 9 months in thefts, burglaries, and drugs/distribution cases.  


We appreciate Mayor Curtis who came out in support of this event. Mayor Curtis played on the Maeser Team.  There were 10 officers, dispatchers and spouses who participated and 20 residents.  The officers walked away with the win, 8/7. 


The real winners of the game were the residents of Maeser. These kinds of activities help to build relationships we need to reduce crime. We recognize that we cannot do this job without the support of our partners- "Lt. Richard Ferguson

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fatal Accident Involving 18 Month Old Child

On August 8, 2013, Provo Police Officers responded to a traffic accident involving an 18-month-old female.
At 8:17 pm tonight, the father of the young child called dispatch and stated he had accidentally run her over.

 The father parked his vehicle on the south side of the home. He also attached a trailer to his vehicle that he had filled with concrete and dirt. The father began to move his vehicle forward when he accidentally ran over his child with the trailer.

When the officers arrived on scene, they confirmed the child was deceased.

The Provo Police Traffic Investigation Team will be conducting the investigation.